About Us

The Kanagawa University Library was founded in 1929, as a library of Yokohama Academy which is known as the Kanagawa University today. The present Kanagawa University Library in the Yokohama Campus was constructed in 1980 as a memorial of the 50th anniversary. And following that, the Hiratsuka Library was opened at Shonan Hiratsuka Campus in 1989. The two libraries are both linked by our online network system.

The Library Collection is composed of millions of books and periodicals in Japanese and other languages. The collection includes more than 1.43million items, in over 10 languages, to which 30,000 new items are added every year. We house books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, magazines, journals, prints & drawings, and DVDs & videos.

We have some special collections. One of them, the Yamaguchi Collection donated by former Dean of the Department of Economics, Dr. Shigeru Yamaguchi, consists of 2,400 books including some very rare original French books, mainly on financial matters. In addition, we own other rare resources such as collections of studies of Japan from the end of the shogunate in the mid-19th century, old encyclopedias from around the world, and 1,500 lithographs of the Paris Commune of 1871.

The Library OPAC search engine can be viewed on LAN and the internet, which allows the library website to be accessed from anywhere in the world. We also provide various online services with databases such as EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Web of Science, etc. If the material isn't available within OPAC, other resources can be explored to satisfy your request.

Visit our Online Databases page for a full list of databases available through our library.

The Library networks with the five major research institutes of the university. The Library also opens its collections to the people of the local area. You are invited to not only search our website but also to stop in and visit the library as well. We look forward to seeing and serving you.


Use of the Library

All users of library should present their ID card at the entrance, except for visitors.

Circulation Desk

Loan Periods:
Undergraduates・・・10 books for 2 weeks
Graduates ・・・ 30 books for 3 months
Teaching staff・・・50 books for 5 months
Overdue Charges: If a book is not returned on time, loan service stops for the same period as the book was late from time of return.

Photocopying Service

Users can photocopy materials in the library on condition that:
Copies are for the purpose of study;
The current issue or number of a magazine can’t be copied;
Total copies are not allowed; and
A prepaid copy card is used (55 sheets cost 500 yen.)

Reference Desk

Inquiries concerning library materials or use of library facilities may be made at the reference desk.
The reference service staffs are happy to be of help.

Cooperation with Other Libraries

If there are requests for books or materials that are not contained in Kanagawa University libraries, ILL (inter-library loan) service is available.
Please inquire at the reference desk.

Electronic Media

Online Database
WorldCat Discovery, EBSCOhost,
JDreamⅢ, JapanKnowledge, Web of Science etc.
Kanagawa University Online Public Access Catalog

External Users

Registration is required
Annual membership A (in-house perusal only)
Identification document (Driver’s license, Passport, etc.),
ID photo (3 x 2.5cm), Fee (500 yen)

Annual membership B (lending of 5 books/2 weeks and in-house perusal)
Identification document (Driver’s license, Passport, etc.),
ID photo (3 x 2.5cm), Fee (5,000 yen)

※We welcome visitors to the Library.


Registration is required
Silence should be maintained at all times.
Eating and smoking is forbidden.