To the World, to the Future

Since its founding in the international trading city of Yokohama in 1928, Kanagawa University has contributed to the development of society by producing many skilled graduates—around 230,000 in all.
Today, it offers eight undergraduate faculties (including 22 departments and two programs) and eight graduate schools (including ten courses), along with an affiliated Junior and Senior High School, and has around 20,000 enrolled students.

As an educational institution that incorporates one of Japan's largest universities and an integrated junior and senior high school system,
Kanagawa University is committed to creating a more attractive academic environment in every dimension of campus life,
from education and research to social contribution.

THE (Times Higher Education) Ranking

World University Rankings 2020 : 1001+
Asia University Rankings 2019 : 351-400

Campuses in the International City of Yokohama and the Scenic Shonan Area

Yokohama and Shonan, where the university’s campuses are located, are popular destinations within Japan.
Situated in the prefecture of Kanagawa, right next to the capital of Tokyo, the campuses combine the appeal of an international city with abundant natural scenery, making them an ideal setting.

Looking Ahead to Our Centennial
by Building on over 90 Years of History and Tradition

The history of Kanagawa University begins with Yokohama Academy, founded by Yoneda Yoshimori in 1928 at the age of 29 to satisfy the enthusiastic desire for learning among young workers in Yokohama, and Yokohama College, which was founded the following year to expand educational potential.
Yoneda was inspired by the principles “Simple and Sturdy,” “Forward-thinking,” and “Balanced and Steady,” and over the years, based on his vision, the university has contributed to the development and prosperity of society by producing many skilled graduates who have entered the business world and various other fields.

Kanagawa University: An Institution with Eight Undergraduate Faculties (22 Departments and Two Programs), Eight Graduate Schools (Ten Courses)
and around 18,000 Students

Students are able to study in their chosen area of specialization, selected from a wide range of options in the arts and sciences while also having the flexibility to pursue cross-disciplinary courses of study.


Graduate Schools

Partner Institutions Throughout the World; Producing World-Class Global Citizens Ever Since Foundation

International Student Exchange

In addition to creating formal agreements with partner institutions for pursuing language training and student exchange, Kanagawa University is striving to expand its programs offering training at various non-partner institutions in order to create learning opportunities in more regions and institutions and satisfy students’ self-motivated desire to study abroad.
Furthermore, in order to accept international students from overseas countries, the university administers an international student entrance exam, has introduced tuition discount and tutoring systems, and provides comprehensive support services for international students.

Researcher Exchange

The university facilitates exchange of various kinds with universities and institutions the world, including temporary overseas researcher postings, joint research projects, field surveys, and official visits.
In particular, Kanagawa University is actively engaged in joint research projects with other research institutions and has a strong track record in the area of research, including regularly hosting international symposia, and has been awarded grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and other government bodies on various research topics.

The International Center - Hub of International Exchange

At the International Center, the expert staff members provide thorough support services, such as assisting incoming international students, helping with international exchange or language training procedures. Based on the concept of a “uniquely Japanese International Center,” the International Center at the Yokohama Campus is a state-of-the-art facility constructed with wood.

Partner Institutions Throughout the World

Kanagawa University is partnered with universities throughout the world, including not only Asia but also Oceania, North America, Central and South America, Europe, Near and Middle East, and Africa. We thus offer an environment that exposes students to many different cultures and languages.

Japanese Students Supporting International Students

The university offers plenty of initiatives in which Japanese students support international students, such as student buddies who help international students with their studies and student life, resident assistants in dormitories, and assistance with student-run exchange events.

Symposia and Joint Research Projects Enabling Exchange with Researchers from around the World

The university is also actively engaged in international exchange with researchers, such as hosting international symposia and issuing publications relating to joint research projects. Researchers at institutions in various academic fields dedicate themselves to conducting unique research on diverse subjects, and exchange with research organizations in countries around the world are eagerly pursued as well.

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