As an education and research institution, Kanagawa University makes information relating to faculty background and research available to the general public by various means.

*Unauthorized use of any published information is prohibited.
*We cannot answer inquiries about personal information of faculty.

Kanagawa University Researcher Information

This site publishes information such as the area of specialization/research subject and publication history for each researcher in Kanagawa University’s various faculties and graduate schools.

It is possible to search based on the following items:

  1. Title and description of authored works
  2. Area of specialization keywords
  3. Past research subjects and keywords

Kanagawa University Institutional Repository

The Kanagawa University Institutional Repository (IR) is a storage archive that digitally preserves the results of research (full texts) produced at Kanagawa University and disseminates them via the Internet. It aims to contribute to the promotion of academic research and to society in general by providing documents free of charge.

Kanagawa University Digital Archive

The Kanagawa University Digital Archive was established in order to publish, store, and manage historical and folkloric documents, academic documents, and research findings belonging to the university’s various institutions (in Japanese only).

Acceptance of Research Students

Kanagawa University has a system whereby it is possible for research students to carry out research on a specific topic under a researcher (academic advisor) at the university.
For details, consult "Acceptance of Research Students."