Founded in Yokohama, the port city that has become a gateway to the world, Kanagawa University is an institution open to the world. In order to fulfill our commitment to today’s society, we provide education backed by exceptional research that contributes to the development of people and communities. In so doing, we cultivate independent, intelligent citizens who have acquired an international sensibility along with the decision-making ability and practical skills needed to prosper in the twenty-first century.

In recent years, the university has adopted “Promising Growth—Supporting Development First” as its core concept, inspired by the school principles set forth by our founder, Yoneda Yoshimori: “Simple and Sturdy,” “Forward-Thinking,” and “Balanced and Steady.” This concept embodies our tradition of prioritizing education and being a student-oriented university. At Kanagawa University, we aim to do all we can to support students so that each individual will achieve personal growth based on what they learn and their own thinking and go out into society with confidence in themselves as an independent, intelligent citizen.

Of course, achieving personal growth is not limited to the classroom. Through “extracurricular education” and other non-classroom activities, it is also important for students to diligently apply themselves to individual or team goals and cultivate their character through hard work. We therefore also encourage personal growth by supporting diverse activities such as volunteering, foreign exchanges, internships in Japan or overseas, and job searches.

Kanagawa University continues to offer the top-quality education and environment needed for all students to learn, think, and grow as individuals. I urge all students to actively devote themselves to our comprehensive student activities with confidence and to take pride in being part of our educational tradition.

Kanagawa University was founded as Yokohama Academy in 1928 (Showa 3). In 1949 (Showa 24), based on post-war reforms to the educational system, Yokohama College, as it was known under the old system, became a university under the new system. We have now been serving students for 88 years. We are a comprehensive university that currently has seven faculties, 20 departments, two programs, and nine graduate schools. In total, there are more than 18,000 undergraduate students and around 442 graduate students studying at the Yokohama Campus and Shonan-Hiratsuka Campus.

Furthermore, since the Yokohama College era, we have produced around 220,000 graduates, which places us 15th among Japan’s more than 780 public and private national universities. We have thus contributed many talented people to society, and our graduates are active both in Japan and other countries.

We will be celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2028. With the opening the Minato Mirai Campus, we are going to start afresh as a comprehensive university of “YOKOHOMA” with all departments brought to the Yokohama area, allowing for new research and creation of education, taking advantage of the integration. All departments will relocate to the Yokohama area for the prosperous future of Kanagawa University. This campus concept has a distinct aim of making us a university that will attract the world and lead future societies with the “capacity to open an era” by drawing on its superiority in research and education oriented for the future.

Our students come from regions all over Japan, not just the Tokyo area. I encourage them to take full advantage of the benefits we offer as both a comprehensive university and a national university and to make as many friends as possible while studying here. I am confident they will discover and learn a great deal.

At Kanagawa University, in order to fulfill our commitment to people and society during this confusing time of diverse beliefs and values, we go back to our founding principles, emphasize interaction between people and harmony of cultures, and develop skilled individuals who will actively create new value. In this way, we contribute to people’s well-being and the stability of our future society.

I would like to promise to all enrolled students and graduates, everyone involved with the university, and anyone else visiting this website that Kanagawa University will continue to be a university that prioritizes founder Yoneda Yoshimori’s belief that “education is about creating people” above all else.