The History of Kanagawa University

The history of Kanagawa University dates back to 1928, when Yoneda Yoshimori, then 29 years old, founded the Yokohama Academy to meet a lively demand for studies among Yokohama’s young workers.
Yoneda created his Academy with the conviction that what society needs to ensure stability in tumultuous times is youth who are “balanced and steady,” that is, who are equipped with self-disciplined education. In the following year, 1929, the Academy was renamed Yokohama College. Actively offering opportunities for learning to students who desired to do so, from its early days the school held entrance examinations in many parts of the country, offered scholarships, and organized lectures open to the general public.
Kanagawa University has grown into one of Japan's leading universities, with about 20,000 students in its seven undergraduate faculties, eight graduate schools, and integrated junior and senior high schools, as well as over 220,000 alumni who are active in every field. The University continues to carry forward the solid educational principles that support this tradition of developing outstanding people who make real-world contributions.

90 Years of History
1928 Yokohama Academy founded by Yoneda Yoshimori (in former Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Relocated to Fujizuka, Nishitobe-cho (now Sakainotani, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
1929 Charter to establish Yokohama College received under the Professional School Order
1930 Relocated to Rokkakubashi; Yokohama Campus opened (on Foundation Day, May 15)
1933 Fellowship programs established and fellowship exams held in major cities nationwide
1949 Kanagawa University established under the reformed education system
1950 Kanagawa University Junior College established
1967 Kanagawa University Graduate Schools established
1985 Kanagawa University Junior and Senior High Schools opened; Nakayama Campus opened
1989 Hiratsuka Campus opened (renamed Shonan Hiratsuka Campus in 2001)
1998 Yokohama Campus redevelopment program launched (completed in 2002)
2002 Kanagawa University Junior College dissolved
2004 School of Law established
Minato Mirai Extension Center (KU Port Square) opened
2008 80th Anniversary of foundation; announcement of the Kanagawa University Vision for the Future
2018 90th Anniversary of foundation
2019 School of Law dissolved
2021 Establishment of Minato Mirai Campus

Biography of YONEDA Yoshimori

YONEDA Yoshimori
Founder of Kanagawa University

1898 Born in Mitsuho Village (now Uchiko Town), Kita District, Ehime Prefecture
1926 Graduated from the College of Law, Chuo University
1928 Founded Yokohama Academy
1942 Elected to the House of Representatives (Ehime 1st District)
1949 Appointed President of Kanagawa University
1951 Appointed Chairman of Kanagawa University
1978 Appointed Honorary Chairman of Kanagawa University
1979 Named Honorary Citizen of Uchiko Town
1987 Died at the age of 88