Kanagawa University seeks to prepare its students for active involvement in the international arena. This has been an objective ever since the university's founding, and is now guided by a fundamental policy on international exchange. Our efforts to further the cause of international exchange involve the conclusion of academic exchange agreements with universities overseas, as well as the expansion of short-term training programs with universities beyond these formal exchange agreements.

International Exchange Opportunities for Students

The provision of structured language training and student exchange programs with partner institutions is coupled with efforts to expand study opportunities at universities beyond our formal partnership networks, with the aim of increasing the number of regions and institutions encompassed by our programs. These efforts are directed at responding to students' self-motivated interest in studying abroad.
Support for international students coming to Kanagawa University from around the world is provided in the form of special entrance examinations, a tuition fee reduction program, and a tutoring system.

Research Activities

Exchange with universities throughout the world is furthered through a variety of initiatives including temporary overseas postings for researchers, joint research projects, field surveys, and official visits.
A particular focus is active engagement in joint research projects with other research institutes, including the hosting of regular international symposia and research projects conducted with the aid of grants offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Partner Institutions

In order to promote academic and cultural exchange with universities/institutions abroad, Kanagawa University is proactively engaged in establishing agreements with other universities or with faculties/graduate schools/institutes within them.

International Exchange Opportunities for Teaching and Administrative Staff

In order to widen the cooperation and share knowledge with our partner institutions, Kanagawa University promotes international exchange for teaching and administrative staff. Teaching and administrative staff play a significant role in promoting mutual exchange. It is important for such people to have opportunities to discuss matters with their counterparts in similar situations directly through those activities. This in turn leads to facilitation of educational activities, research and internationalization as well as the revitalization of educational programs.


Erasmus+ program

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