Entrance Examinations

[Procedures and Application for Admission]

Q1 I am considering enrolling at Kanagawa University. Please tell me about the flow of events until the application.

First confirm here (undergraduate) or here (graduate school) whether or not you have the application (enrollment) qualifications. If you are qualified, look over the details of the international exchange student entrance exam. If you need an entrance examination guidebook or an application form you can request them here . The graduate school entrance exam guidebook and application form are available online here (Japanese only). The undergraduate entrance exam guidebook and application forms can be posted to you.

Q2 I need the university brochure and the Entrance Examination Guidebook of Kanagawa University. How can I get them?

Please check the details here (Japanese only) .

Q3 Can I send the application form by post from a long distance, or apply from abroad?

Yes, you can, but please be sure to contact the Admission Center by e-mail or by phone in advance. You will be briefed on how to submit the documents or transfer the examination fee. Please note, however, that you must be able to take the exam at Kanagawa University on the examination day.

Q4 Can I get the examination papers from past entrance examinations ?

Past examination papers for undergraduate programs are included with the application form, while those for Graduate School programs are available at the counter of the Admission Center or can be posted to you.

Q5 I want to know if I am eligible for admission to Kanagawa University. How can I find this information?

First, please visit here: Undergraduate / Graduate School (Japanese only) For more details, please contact the Admission Center.

Q6 I hope to enter Kanagawa University as a research student. Please tell me how to apply.

Please check the details here .

[Language Proficiency]

Q1 Can I study at Kanagawa University even though I don’t speak Japanese?

Kanagawa University does not have any preliminary education program for Japanese language, and you will take the same classes as Japanese students take once you enter the university. Accordingly, you first need to learn Japanese at a Japanese language school or a different university if you cannot speak Japanese.

Q2 Do I have to submit the result of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) as part of the eligibility for application?

Taking the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) is necessary for application (undergraduate admissions), but the JLPT is not necessary. The eligibility criteria for application include "a level of ability sufficient for taking the same classes as Japanese students is required when entering the university."
For more details, please visit here .

Q3 Do you have programs in which I can take courses provided only in English and get a degree?

Unfortunately, Kanagawa University does not offer any program that confers a degree through classes provided only in English.

Q4 Do you have a study course that specifically focuses on the Japanese language, or do you have a separate Japanese department?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, we provide Japanese classes for international students that they can take after entering the university and, the Japanese Language Study Support program outside class.

Tuition and Scholarships


Q1 How much is the tuition? When should tuition be paid?

For details on the tuition, please visit here .

Q2 I hear that you have a tuition reduction system for international students. Please tell me about it in detail.

For details, please visit here . To apply for tuition reduction, do not forget to attend the briefing session held at the beginning of the new academic year.


Q1 Does Kanagawa University have a scholarship program for international students?

There are programs such as a tuition exemption system for international students of Kanagawa University. See here for more details. Additionally, if you are qualified, you can apply for the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship.

International Students Applying for Japanese Government Scholarships for International Students (Embassy Recommendation)


Q1 I am considering studying at Kanagawa University through the scholarship sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. How can I receive this scholarship? Where can I apply?

First, please inquire with the diplomatic mission (Japanese embassy or consulate) based in your country and collect information on the scholarship programs. Please apply for such scholarship programs at the diplomatic mission. List of diplomatic missions: (Japanese) (English)

Q2 I have passed the primary examination for a scholarship program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. What procedures are needed to obtain preliminary approval for acceptance?

Please refer to Japanese Government Scholarships for International Students (Embassy Recommendation)

[Academic Supervisor]

Q1 I hope to ask Professor A to be my supervisor, and want to contact him / her. How can I do that?

Please refer to Japanese Government Scholarships for International Students (Embassy Recommendation)

[Japanese Proficiency]

Q1 I cannot speak Japanese, but can you accept me as a student of the Japanese Government Scholarship?

If you cannot speak Japanese, we should ask you to take a preliminary lesson period of Japanese for six to twelve months after your arrival in Japan, to allow you to learn Japanese before you are admitted to undergraduate or graduate school studies.

Q2 Can I receive preliminary Japanese lessons at Kanagawa University if I was accepted as a student of the Japanese Government Scholarships for International Students?

Kanagawa University does not have any educational institution that provides preliminary Japanese lessons. You will receive such lessons at other universities nearby and it will be introduced to you later by the government.

Exchange Programs


Q1 Can you tell me if the university I attend is a partner institution of Kanagawa University?

For students from partner institutions of Kanagawa University, please visit here . As for studying at Kanagawa University as an exchange student, please check with the International Office/responsible department at your university.

Q2 The university I attend is not a partner institution of Kanagawa University. Is it possible for me to study at Kanagawa University as an exchange student?

Unfortunately, we do not accept exchange students from schools other than our partner institutions.

Japanese Language and Culture Program

[Application & Program]

Q1 Is there any age limit to apply for the program?

Participants must be 18 years old and over on the first day of the program. There is no upper age limit to apply for the program. You can apply if you are currently attending or have graduated from a university.

Q2 I have no previous Japanese study experience. Can I apply?

You can apply for the program if you meet the eligibility, but please make sure to learn HIRAGANA and KATAKANA by yourself before you come to Japan.

Q3 Will I receive any credits for the program? Are credits transferable to my university?

Course credits will not be given for the program, but participants will be graded on their attendance, final tests and final presentation.
A certificate will be sent by email about a month later of the program. Regarding credits transfer, it depends on your university, so please check with your university.

Q4 Are there classes that suite the level of my Japanese language?

Participants take a placement test on the first day of the program, and we provide different levels of classes from beginner to pre-intermediate.

Q5 Will Kanagawa University provide assistance in obtaining a visa?

While we cannot support you in obtaining a visa, we will prepare all necessary documents for visa application. We ask each of you to check if you need a visa or not. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website can be found at the below URL.
VISA/Residing in Japan(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html

Q6 Is it necessary to purchase insurance?

Program participants must, as a condition of participation, purchase an overseas travel insurance policy designated by Kanagawa University. Please check Article 6 of the Pledge regarding insurance policy coverage in the Application Form (online).

[Student Life]

Q1 Can I use Wi-Fi?

ID and password for accessing the internet will be provided to you with your student ID. You may use these to log in to the Wi-Fi network on campus.

Q2 Is there any transportation service provided by Kanagawa University from the airport?

There is no transport support. We request participants to make their own way and check the appropriate mode of transport. The below URLs provide information about transport options from each of the airports.

Q3 Will you introduce accommodation options?

Applications for homestay are done through Kanagawa University. Applicants who chose other accommodation options on their application form will be sent a list of options by email. The procedures are different depending on the accommodation so please ask with regard to the details.

Regarding other questions, please contact the following:
TEL:+81-(0)45-481-5661 (Operator)
  1. Entrance examinations: Admission Center
  2. Scholarships: Student Life Department
  3. Research students: Academic Affairs Department
  4. Japanese Government Scholarship international students, exchange students, and Japanese Language and Culture Program: International Center