Greetings from the Director of International Center

The world is now changing at an unbelievable speed. The progress of technology like social networking services firmly connects us all together, regardless of the intention. Probably, nobody would be able to survive today without any kind of relations with people throughout the world.

The barrier between international and domestic exchange disappeared long ago, at least on the internet. What is now required for us is the construction of immediate human mutual friendship. From now on, everybody must construct a network of global human relations.

Recently, I had the chance to be in contact with students of the Erasmus Mundus Master Courses※ at Paris University 13, which invited me as a visiting professor. I found the brilliant students, who came from many countries, especially from the EU, were constructing intimate human relationships in English even in France.

For the time being, we could not claim that Kanagawa University has sufficient environment to form such international human relations. However, we could say that the important duty to build the system is already imposed upon all of us.

My hope personally is to have a network of more than 500 universities worldwide and to promote the exchange of students as much as possible, as well as exchange of academic and administrative staff and graduate students. I am dreaming that Kanagawa University will be an important center of international exchange not only in Kanagawa but for all of Japan. We at Kanagawa University promise to do our best for that purpose.

※The aim of the Erasmus Mundus program is to enhance quality in higher education through scholarship and academic co-operation between the EU and the rest of the world.

Roles of the International Center

At the International Center we undertake the below duties. Please do not hesitate to ask us about any of these areas.

Regarding International Exchange for Kanagawa University

  • Completing academic exchange agreements with universities from overseas.
  • Support of research/faculty exchange and holding international symposia
  • Operation/support of international exchange events
  • Other activities to promote international exchange for Kanagawa University

Sending Students from Kanagawa University Overseas

  • Explanation/procedural assistance for study abroad and language study programs
  • Holding explanation sessions about study abroad
  • Operation/explanation of TOEFL ITP® and HSK and other language proficiency tests

Welcoming International Students

  • Support for international students in all aspects of student life
  • Academic/Japanese language support for international students
  • Support for visas, insurance and housing for international students


1. International Center Office

For study abroad advice please come here!

  • Advice/application for study abroad
  • Applications for TOEFL ITP® & HSK
  • Student life support for international students.
    Advice/application for visas and housing assistance

2. Global Lounge

Use is unlimited! Go from here to the world!

  • International exchange events and guidance!
    Layout can be rearranged to suit event.
  • If you wish to conduct a seminar or event, please contact the IC Office.
  • Conduct language exchange for international and local students. Let’s eat lunch while experiencing different cultures and making friends with people from all over the world.
  • Read/borrow books about study abroad or language study and also read the reports of previous study abroad students.
  • Receive study abroad advice at any time! While looking at materials the staff with strong study abroad experience can help you. If you make a prior appointment and think of your questions beforehand, we can provide more in-depth information!

3. Director Office

  • Space for welcoming guests from around the world and conduct International Center meetings. Chances for increasing study abroad begin here.

Please be quiet if people are inside!

4. Learning Zone and Lounge

Learn towards study abroad!

  • Quiet, relaxed spaces for students looking up about study abroad/doing language study/holding group work meetings.
  • 8 PCs, a photocopier and vending machine for use as well.

Attention! No food/drink in PC area

5. Japanese Instructors’ Room

Japanese teaching professionals here!

  • Room for instructors of Japanese Study Support for international students to prepare their classes. Come here for advice about Japanese study!

6. Study Rooms A-D

Space to learn about Japan and the World!

  • KU TOP English and other English courses, Japanese classes for international students, classes for short-term study abroad at KU students, explanation sessions, guidance etc. held by IC.

Location and Inquiries

At the International Center, we provide support for international students and advice and support with procedures for study abroad and language study programs


Yokohama Campus

Location: 2F, Bldg 29
Time: 9:00-18:00 Mon-Fri
TEL: +81-45-491-1701

Shonan Hiratsuka Campus

Location: 1F, Bldg 11
Time: 9:10-17:00 Mon-Fri
TEL: +81-463-59-4111 (Operator)