Course of Science

This graduate school previously consisted of three courses (Information Sciences,Chemistry, and Biological Sciences) built on the four departments and one program in Kanagawa University’s undergraduate Faculty of Science. From the 2016 academic year, the structure has been reorganized into one course covering five fields (Field of Mathematics, Field of Physics, Field of Information Sciences, Field of Chemistry, and Field of Biological Sciences).

The course's fundamental education principles remain largely the same following the reorganization: not pursuit of the latest trends, but the acquisition of basic, universal knowledge applicable to a wide range of fields. To enable research without restriction to specific domains, the course offers both subjects common to the course and subjects specialized by domain, which can also be selected by students specializing in other domains.

The Field of Mathematics trains students who have fundamental knowledge of mathematics and an understanding of research in each of its fields, who have acquired capabilities for mathematical processing, and who are able to put these abilities to use in science- and technology-related areas of society and in educational institutions.

The Field of Physics trains students who have acquired fundamental knowledge of physics, the basis of scientific study, and who demonstrate the potential to apply that knowledge to resolve issues in science- and technology-related fields in society.

The Field of Information Sciences develops students who have knowledge of the fundamentals of information science, and who possess the ability to apply that knowledge to resolve issues in science- and technology-related areas of society.

The Field of Chemistry develops individuals with the competence to play a leading role in fundamental studies of matter and related fields; high-level professionals who possess expert knowledge and capabilities in advanced chemistry.

The Field of Biological Sciences develops individuals who have grounding in the fundamentals of biology, as well as the flexible thinking ability and practical ability to address the issues that appear in diverse areas of biology.