Course of Human Sciences

The Graduate School of Human Sciences was launched to enable the pursuit of fulfilling, quality lifestyles through the acquisition of expert knowledge and skills in human sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, and sports health science. The graduate school aims to develop individuals who have deep and broad insight into the human condition and society, who are equipped with the practical skills needed to resolve the issues faced by society today, and who can contribute to support for people and for society. The school achieves this through two research fields: the Research Field of Human Sciences and the Research Field of Clinical Psychology.
The Research Field of Human Sciences nurtures the capability to perform empirical research on the human condition from the perspectives of the body, the mind, and society, and to apply this knowledge in the service of contemporary society. The Research Field of Clinical Psychology employs small class-based education and practical training to develop psychological clinicians, including clinical psychologists who can assist people with mental health issues.