Students in the Faculty of Economics learn about the mechanisms of business organization and economic activities that are reciprocally connected on a global scale. The Faculty’s educational policy is focused on nurturing students’ ability to put their acquired knowledge to practical use in society. Its goal is to develop broad-minded professionals, who can shoulder responsibility for economic activity in the future, equipped with an understanding of the basics of economics, business administration, and commercial science, balanced by the capacity for practical application.

Department of Economics

Course of Contemporary Economics

Students in the course pursue wide-ranging studies in contemporary economics, from among over 100 specialized classes covering such fields as theory, history, policy, and trade.

Course in Social Welfare, the Environment, and Public Policy

Students in this course identify contemporary matters such as global environmental issues and the difficulties of a graying society, and learn the perspectives and methods needed to resolve these issues.

Course in the Markets, Corporations, and Industry

This course places the spotlight on the interrelatedness of the markets, corporations, and industries that support economic activity, to investigate the mechanisms and realities of the economy and society.

Course in International Economics and Society

Students in this course acquire knowledge of economies and societies of the world, from economic giants to emerging economies, and gain understanding of the mechanisms and dynamism of the global economy.

Course of Economic Analysis

Through education that emphasizes and trains mathematical and logical thought, this course seeks to foster a new generation of data economists.

Course in Economic Policy Analysis

Students in this course acquire the ability to draft and propose policies that address economic issues, by learning economic concepts and methods of data processing.

Course in Data Analysis

This course enhances abilities to leverage data in areas from market research and corporate analysis to funding decisions by financial institutions. Students can also study computer programming.

Department of Contemporary Business

This department seeks to develop global-minded individuals versed in theory and practice involving international society and business, with a focus on the management activities of companies. Beginning in their second year, students select one of the study courses listed below and engage in an intensive program aimed at improving the English abilities that are indispensable to international business.

Course in Trade and International Business

In this course, students learn economic conditions in various countries along with the theoretical and actual underpinnings of trade and international finance.

Course in Management and Marketing

This course provides students with practical training in theories of corporate management.

Course in Corporate Affairs and Accounting

This course for students studying for bookkeeping certification and those seeking to become tax accountants, certified accountants, or other specialists in accounting.