Amid an increasingly demanding economic and business climate, job placement support has become an important duty for universities. Kanagawa University makes efforts toward career design and job placement support from the early stages of students’ education, based on a clear understanding of the types of job candidates who are sought by employers, and who are in step with times.

Career Design through the Regular Curriculum from First Year

Kanagawa University operates a university-wide support system that incorporates career education within the framework of regular course programs. Career related courses that can be completed from the first year aim to develop the personal qualities required to contribute to the maintenance of social structure by equipping students with the convictions, norms, sense of responsibility, spirit of coexistence and contribution, and other capacities required of adults in society, and by imbuing students with the strength to achieve self-realization and their visions for the future.

Extensive Career Development Programs

Kanagawa University has developed a unique program. This program offers a wide range of courses for engaging in more practical job-seeking activities, including self-analysis, selfpromotion, research into potential employers, and strategies for employment interviews. The university also operates events for understanding industries and jobs, as well as careers fairs at which students can meet and share information with recruiters from over 1,000 companies. The university’s attentive support further offers one-on-one job placement consultation sessions and practice interview sessions.

A Rich Archive of Corporate Information

The university provides students with the information needed in the search for employment, including company profiles, job listings, records of past students’ job-hunting activities, and a searchable electronic database of around 23,000 companies, all of which can be used for researching prospective employers, preparing for civil service examinations, and so on.

Support for “U-Turn” and “I-Turn” Employment

Kanagawa University welcomes students from all over Japan, many of whom hope to find work in their hometowns or other areas. The Career Counseling Department holds job search guidance and consultation sessions to assist these “U-turn” and “I-turn” job seekers, and has set up a section in the Career Counseling Department that offers access to recruitment magazines and job listings filed by prefecture. It also provides guidance on techniques for approaching the U-turn and I-turn support centers operated by prefectural governments. Finally, the office holds career forums in regions of the country that are highly represented in the student body.

Career Support for International Students

Job Search Assistance Program for International Students

Lectures are given on topics such as the job-hunting process in Japan, taking part in internships, and important points regarding the procedure for changing your visa status.

  • Guidance on Starting a Job Search
  • Seminar on Preparing for an Internship
  • Seminar on Internship Business Etiquette
  • Seminar on Self-Assessment and Dealing with Application Documents
  • Seminar on Researching Industries/Companies
  • Seminar on Dealing with Interviews
  • Seminar on the Immigration Control Act and Visa Status Modification Procedure

*The content of events are subject to change.

Internship Support

Each year, many international students benefit from internship experiences through the international student internship program, whose sponsors include the Kanagawa-ken Employers’ Association and Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners.