Kanagawa University introduced a fellowship program earlier than other universities, launching its first program in 1933, shortly after the university was founded.
Fellowship selection is conducted in major urban centers throughout Japan, allowing the program to furnish assistance to highly motivated students from across the country. This program has helped the university educate many talented individuals, and the tradition that the program initiated has since been extended to encompass a range of other scholarship schemes.
Furthermore, in the 2010 academic year a new Yoneda Yoshimori Education Scholarship fund was established in honor of our founder Yoneda Yoshimori, and the existing scholarship system was augmented by a greatly expanded menu of grant style awards requiring no repayment. The conditions are now in place for students to pursue their studies and extracurricular activities, obtain qualifications, and engage in other pursuits regardless of individual financial circumstances.
The founding spirit of Kanagawa University and the philosophy espoused by our founder, one that equates education with human development, are alive and well in our university today, and finding fresh horizons in the form of this new scholarship program.

Overview of Tuition

Please see the following PDF files with regard to undergraduate and graduate school tuition and other fees:

Overview of Scholarships

*All scholarships involve an application and selection process.

Yoneda Yoshimori Education Scholarship

Yoneda Yoshimori Education ScholarshipPDFファイル (119KB)

Other Scholarship Programs Offered by Kanagawa University

Other Scholarship Programs Offered by Kanagawa UniversityPDFファイル (109KB)

Scholarship Programs Offered by the KU Supporters Association

Scholarship Programs Offered by the KU Supporters AssociationPDFファイル (107KB)

Scholarship Programs Offered by Kyuryokai (Alumni Association)

Scholarship Programs Offered by Kyuryokai (Alumni Association)PDFファイル (84KB)

New Learning Support System for Higher Education set up by the government

Grant-type scholarship awarded by the Japan Student Services Organization (From 2020)PDFファイル (87KB)

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarships

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) ScholarshipsPDFファイル (345KB)

Scholarship Programs Offered by External Organizations/Local Governments

Some external scholarship programs are applied to via Kanagawa University and others involve applying directly to the organization. Please contact the relevant organization for details.
(Scholarship programs seeking applicants from Kanagawa University are posted as needed on the WeB St@tion.)

For scholarship application process details, please contact the Student Life Department.

Contact Information

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