Although it depends on the living arrangements, when searching for housing through realtors, unique customs of payment (key money, deposit money, etc.) as well as paying one month of rent in advance are followed when contracts are concluded in Japan. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare money equivalent to four to six months of rent in total, and a joint guarantor is also required.


"Housing rent" accounts for a sizable portion of monthly living expenses. Since the payment of rent can cause economic difficulties in student life, be sure to set an affordable level of rent to prevent financial problems at the end of a month.


Area around the Yokohama Campus Area around the Shonan Hiratsuka Campus
6 Tatami Mat Room with Kitchen and Toilet 45,000~60,000 yen 30,000~40,000 yen
Room with Kitchen, Toilet and Bathroom 60,000~65,000 yen 40,000~50,000 yen

*400 yen is charged each time you use a public bathhouse

Types of Rooms

Boarding houses

The basic form for boarding houses is to rent a room in an owner´s house, and there are some cases where the entrance and stairs are shared. In addition, some owners provide meals to boarders.


These are usually two-story wooden houses. There are significant differences in ancillary facilities among properties such as lofts, storage space and air conditioners. Most of the students living alone use this type of housing. There is a notable difference in rent depending on the presence of a bathroom, the size of the apartment and the age of the building.

Rental condominiums

These are comfortable western-style apartments. Despite advantages in insulation and disaster prevention effects due to the reinforced concrete structure of the buildings, rent is expensive compared to apartments.

Dormitories/student houses

Dormitories and student houses managed and maintained by local governments, companies and agents are also available. The typical type includes board and lodging with a private bedroom and a shared bathroom (meals are served in a dining hall).

How to Find a Room

Consult with the Relevant University Departments

At Kanagawa University, support for students on renting housing is available at the Property Department of the Coop on the Yokohama Campus (Building 19, 1st basement level) and at the offices of Marubeni Community Co., Ltd. on the Shonan Hiratsuka Campus.

The International Center’s notice board provides information on vacancies in the student dormitories of Yokohama International Student House (for Yokohama campus students) and Tokyo International Exchange Center as they occur.

Furthermore, exchange students from Kanagawa University’s partner universities that are studying abroad can apply for residence at the Kanagawa University International Exchange Student Residence by utilizing the Kanagawa University Exchange Student Acceptance System. For details, please inquire with the Kanagawa University International Center.

Consult with Private Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies handling apartments and condominiums are located mainly around train stations. They have signboards saying "XX Fudosan" and post many hard-to-miss notices on which apartment/condominium occupancy conditions are described.

Joint Guarantor for Rental Agreements and Comprehensive Lodging Insurance for International Students

In the event that students at the University cannot find cosigners for their rental agreements, Kanagawa University provides an institutional guarantee under the condition that the applicable student has signed up for the comprehensive lodging insurance for international students provided by Japan Educational Exchange and Services.

Please contact the International Center for details of the procedures.

Kanagawa University student apartments, public housing, etc. that can be used by international students

As part of our support program for international students who are enrolled at Kanagawa University or who have been accepted to study at the university, Kanagawa University provides accommodation options such as halls of residence and student apartments. It is also possible to apply to live in public accommodation facilities. Please refer to the list below and contact the International Center for details regarding application.

  1. Kanagawa University International House "Esperar" *
  2. Kanagawa University Student Apartments *
  3. Ooka International Residence
  4. Yokohama International Student House (Yokohama campus only)

*Students wishing to enter the Kanagawa University Student Apartments (including the International House), should check the explanation about how to apply in the “Guideline to Entering University Procedures”, and apply accordingly.
Also, if there are places available for students after entering university, we will inform you through the noticeboards and homepage (Japanese only) so please check it from time to time.