International Dormitory

International students are able to live in a dormitory along with Japanese students and learn from them about Japanese culture and inter-cultural communication at the same time as deepening mutual understanding. RAs (Residents Assistants) are in place to support international students and hold international exchange events.

Inquiries/Applications (Associated Companies)

International Center


Kanagawa University Student Residences

Kanagawa University has established student residences to assist those students who cannot attend university classes from their own homes.
Dependable senior students and classmates are always nearby so it is safe and secure. Awe will call for applications as vacancies appear. If you wish to stay in a student residence, please make an inquiry to the Student Life Department.

Inquiries/Applications (Associated Companies)

Student Life Department/Hiratsuka Student Life Department


Student Dormitories/Residences Introduced by KU Partners Inc.

At Yokohama Campus, all introduction of residences and accommodation is entrusted to KU Partners Inc., a 100% owned subsidiary of Kanagawa University. For inquiries, please contact the below-mentioned associated companies.

Inquiries/Applications (Associated Companies)

Mainichi Comnet Co. Ltd (Student Residence Information Center) (Japanese only)
Free Dial: 0120-964-067

J.S.B. Co. Ltd. UniLife Yokohama (Japanese only)
Free Dial: 0120-964-152

Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. Dormitory Operations Division (Japanese only)
Free Dial: 0120-88-1030

Nasic (Shibuya Branch) (Japanese only)
Free Dial: 0120-749-170