Recruitment of government-sponsored international exchange students is conducted via recommendations from three sources: embassies, universities, and within Japan. Embassy recommendations and university recommendations involve recruitment and selection that targets students located abroad who wish to pursue study abroad in Japan. Domestic recruitment involves recruitment and selection that targets privately funded international students currently located in Japan. Please see below for more details.

Japanese Government Scholarship International Students (Embassy Recommendations)

Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology/MEXT) Scholarship international students (international research students) are handled by Japanese government diplomatic missions located abroad. With regard to selection, the Japanese government diplomatic mission, in collaboration with the government of the relevant nation, screens application documents and conducts written exams and interviews. Since details of the selection date and so forth vary depending on the country, please direct inquiries to the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country. Please also check the MEXT website and diplomatic mission website.

Individuals wishing to pursue study at Kanagawa University as a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship international student (international research student) should follow the procedure below.

(1) Search for an academic supervisor suitable to your study goals, research field, etc.

Referring to the "Researcher information" page, please check whether there is an academic supervisor or advisor that corresponds to your study goals and research field (research content).

(2) Make inquiries to Kanagawa University

Once you have found the desired academic advisor, before submitting a Japanese Government Scholarship international student (embassy recommendation) application, we recommend that you discuss your research field with the advisor in advance, so that, after you have passed the first stage of the selection process, the consent process will be able to proceed smoothly. After noting down the information below, please direct inquiries to the International Center. The Center will contact the desired academic advisor.

Please also contact the International Center if you are not sure whether the university is suitable for your research field.

International Center:

When making an inquiry, please inform us of the following:

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Brief personal information (name of current university or place of employment)
  • Research plan
  • Desired academic advisor
  • Program in which you wish to enroll at Kanagawa University (research student, undergraduate, Master's program, Doctoral program)
  • Contact information (email address)
  • Other information, such as issues you wish to discuss

(3) Submitting documents after passing the first screening exam

After passing the first screening exam, if you wish to pursue study at Kanagawa University, promptly contact the International Center by email, and mail the following documents to the Kanagawa University International Center (registered mail, EMS, DHL, FedEx, etc.).

Please note that it may take some time until a letter of acceptance is issued.

Documents for submission

  1. Proof of passing the first screening exam issued by an overseas Japanese embassy
  2. Copies of the full set of application documents and any other documents submitted to the overseas Japanese embassy up until the time of the first screening

Japanese Government Scholarship international students (university recommendations)

With regard to international research students, acceptance of international students as Japanese Government Scholarship international students starts in October as a general rule, with the program involving direct recommendations from universities to MEXT.

Essentially, university recommendations involve close interaction, with recommendations being made after assessing the individual student’s desires and academic pathway; the university accepting the student takes responsibility for guiding him/her, and following arrival in Japan, it is not possible to enroll in/transfer to another university.

Japanese Government Scholarship international students (recruiting within Japan)

"Recruiting within Japan" refers to the recruitment of privately funded international students studying at a university within Japan as Japanese Government Scholarship international students based on the recommendation of the university at which they are enrolled. Recruitment of these Japanese Government Scholarship international students begins in April, and is aimed at individuals who are officially enrolled or who plan to enroll as privately funded international students at a graduate school in Japan and individuals planning to advance to their fourth year as an official undergraduate student. Recruitment is handled through the university.

In the case of this on-campus recruiting, information will be posted on the scholarship notice board at each campus.