Building Layout

  • Building 1 (Main Building) ···Administration Offices / Lookout Lounge on 8th floor (Cafeteria )
  • Building 2 ···Underground Practice Rooms
  • Building 3 ···Kanagawa University Exhibition Hall / Educational Support Center (KU Square) / Open consultation counter
  • Building 5
  • Building 6 ···Information and Education Facility (Computer Labs)
  • Building 7 ···Information and Education Facility (Computer Labs)
  • Building 8 ···Map Hall
  • Building 9 ···Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture
  • Building 10 ···Cafeteria / Dojo / Clubhouses
  • Building 11
  • Building 12
  • Building 15 ···Library B1F reception
  • Building 16 ···Celeste Hall (Gallery) / Admission Center
  • Building 17 ···Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Building 18 ···Career Counseling Department / Reference Room for Career Counseling
  • Building 19 ···Kanagawa University COOP / LUX / Health Service Center
  • Building 20 ···Language Practice Building / Computer Lab
  • Building 21 ···McDonald’s
  • Building 22 ···Human Science Building (Kanagawa University Athletic Department ) / Clubhouses
  • Building 23 ···Information and Education Facility (Computer Labs)
  • Building 24
  • Building 25
  • Building 26
  • Building 27 ···Building for Lifelong Learning (Qualification Acquisition Lectures, Lifelong Learning Lectures)
  • Building 28 ···Student Counseling Room / Harassment Consultation Room / Room For Promotion of Gender Equality
  • Building 29 ···International Center
  • Building 30 ···Kyuryo Hall / Secretariat for Kyuryokai

Installation of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator) on Campus

Main Gate In front of Security Office
Main Building (Building 1) Security Office on 1st basement level
Building 3 East side entrance
Building 10 Cafeteria entrance
Building 13 Gymnasium entrance
Building 15 Library B1F reception
Building 16 Entrance
Building 17 Entrance to Pool
Building 19 Entrance to Kanagawa University Sports Center
Building 22 Entrance to Health Science Sports Center
Building 23 Front entrance
Building 26 26-109 Warehouse side
Building 29 The first-floor vending machine side


The Yokohama Campus is located in the port city of Yokohama, a city which has quickly assimilated and transmitted the cultures of various countries since the opening of the port. The Yokohama Campus also neighbors the Minato Mirai district, an area at the forefront of the latest trends. It is a 13-minute walk to the nearest station, Hakuraku Station or Higashi-Hakuraku Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, which provides easy access to Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai, as well as Shibuya.

Address: 3-27-1 Rokkakubashi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 221-8686 JAPAN
Telephone : +81-(0)45-481-5661 (Operator)

  • 13 minutes walk after getting off the Tokyu Toyoko Line train at Hakuraku Stn. or Higashi-Hakuraku Stn.
  • Using Yokohama Municipal Bus (via Higashi Kanagawa Stn. West Gate) from Yokohama Stn. West Gate Terminal
    [Platform 1 Route 36] 14 minute trip by bus to Sugetacho/Midori Shako-mae, get off at Kanagawa-Daigaku Iriguchi or Rokkakubashi-Nishi Machi
    [Platform 1 Route 82] 14 minute trip by bus to Hattan-bashi/Kandaiji Iriguchi, get off at Kanagawa-Daigaku Iriguchi or Rokkakubashi-Nishi Machi
    ・Using the Yokohama Municipal Bus from Yokohama Municipal Subway Katakuracho Stn.
    [Terminal 2 Routes 36 and 82] 6 minute trip by bus for Higashi Kanagawa Stn. West Gate or Yokohama Stn. West Gate - Get off at Kanagawa-Daigaku Iriguchi
    *Please refrain from using cars as there are no parking spaces.