The Origin of Map Hall

Building 8 was completed on the Yokohama Campus in December 1965, six stories high and with a total floor area of 7,755m². A large world map was drawn on the wall extending from the second to the third floors, and on the top of the building is a clock tower. The mural is as large as 6.2 meters high and 13.0 meters wide. It was created as a 13-color glass mosaic.

Established in the international port city of Yokohama, the University set as its aim the development of steady and talented youth with a deep global awareness, by education conducted according to the founding principles of “Simple and Sturdy” and “Forward-thinking.”The school song, “The world is calling, The world is calling, Here is the light, We are, We are, Kanagawa University,” expresses the spirit of venturing out into the world. It was the desire of University founder Yoshimori Yoneda that students entering this hall would see the map and be inspired by the call of the world at large. At some point in time, the hall came to be known as Map Hall.

Map Hall is a symbolic landmark, passing along to our time and to the future the enthusiasm and expectations of Yoshimori Yoneda for university education.

*The history of founder Yoshimori Yoneda and of Kanagawa University is introduced in detail in the Building 3 Exhibition Hall.