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Library and Communication Environment

Kanagawa University is committed to the development of library and IT services as a means to support self-study and independent learning in students. The Yokohama and Shonan Hiratsuka Campuses house a combined total of approximately 1.36 million printed works and 1,700 computer terminals. The university provides of a highly accessible information environment with a wireless network.


Kanagawa University boasts a diverse collection of written works befitting a comprehensive university, with library holdings that span philosophy, art, literature, history, and all other fields addressed in the university’s academic programs. The 1,150,000 works at the Yokohama Campus and 230,000 works at the Shonan Hiratsuka Campus create a collection of 1,380,000 volumes. The audio-visual section further maintains a large number of visual, audio, and microfilm data sources. The university’s libraries also offer access to many electronic journals and databases from Japan and abroad. Holdings of the libraries can be browsed in the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), open to the public on the university website. Library collections are made available to the wider community through the university’s own community access programs, and through electronic disclosure of the institutional repository of research products, rare works, and other resources held within the university.

Collections of Rare Works

The libraries holds a large number of rare works and collections of significant archival importance, including caricatures from the Paris Commune period, a Japanese studies collection, the world’s oldest encyclopedia, and first editions of classic works on economies and ideologies. Of particular note is the substantial Japanese studies collection, featuring an illustrated newspaper article on American Commodore Perry’s expedition to Japan, and other materials depicting Japan and Yokohama in the last years of the Tokugawa shogunate in the mid-19th century. Public access to these rare works is made possible through various channels including the university website and displays within the libraries.

Kanagawa University Library

Information and Communication Environment

Computer rooms at Kanagawa University are equipped with around 1,700 computers with software for business, multimedia, programming, and more. This shared usage environment is available for practical exercises as well as personal use. The campus also offers a wireless LAN communication environment that allows students, faculty members, research students, and others to access the internet with their own PCs via the university’s general information network in the library, classrooms, and other connected areas.

Athletic Department

The Kanagawa University Athletic Department was established in June 2000 (as the Kanagawa University Sports Center) for the purpose of promoting the health of students and faculty at the University and people in the area, as well as to contribute to an increase in sports activities.
As a base for encouraging sports activities in the area, the facility is open to the community and serves as a location for the active development of independent projects.

Training Room

The Training Room features ample equipment useful for managing one’s health, including muscle-building machines such as bench press and leg extension machines, as well as stamina-building machines such as running machines and exercise bikes.
An expert sports trainer will also create training programs and provide guidance for regular users according to their various fitness goals, such as maintaining body strength, building muscle strength and dieting. Please feel free to take advantage of this service.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Kanagawa University has a 25-meter heated indoor swimming pool with six lanes. The pool utilizes solar heating, and soft natural light pours into the indoor area through the curved glass ceilings during the daytime. You can enjoy the pool’s relaxed atmosphere as much as you like.