Junior and Senior High School

The Kanagawa University Junior and Senior High School, an integrated institution combining both schools, has carried forward Kanagawa University's founding principles of “Simple and Sturdy,” “Forward-thinking,” and “Balanced and Steady.” Embracing its mission as a preparatory school for university admission, the school also provides every student with education geared toward lifelong needs, instilling an attitude of living with strength while respecting the spirit of autonomy.

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Support Groups

Kanagawa University enjoys the support of organizations made up of students’ parents and guardians, alumni, and executives from various fields.
Each of these groups contributes to the university’s advancement through distinctive support activities in line with its own organizational goals.

Kanagawa University Supporters Association

This association’s primary aim is to contribute to the maintenance and development of the university through mutual understanding and cooperation among its members, who are mostly parents and guardians of current Kanagawa University students. In addition to cooperation with university projects, the association holds briefings and networking events for parents, publishes a newsletter, and provides support for the development of learning environments. Its core activities also include support for scholarships and student club activities.

Kanagawa University Kyuryokai

The Kyuryokai association has around 220,000 members, consisting of alumni of Yokohama College, Kanagawa University and its Graduate Schools, and Kanagawa University Junior College. Committed to fostering the development of the alma mater and friendship among its members, Kyuryokai comprises a central organization and a total of 136 chapters organized by prefecture, occupational field, year of graduation, common interests, and so on, with some chapters outside of Japan as well.

Kanagawa University Frontier Club

This club brings together alumni volunteers who play executive or other roles in companies, groups, politics and public administration, the media, and other spheres of activity, as well as those engaged in professions such as law and accounting. It aims to provide career assistance to students, establish scholarship programs, and support initiatives for the promotion of joint research between industry, government, and academia, while promoting mutual professional development among its members.


KU Tohoku Volunteer Ekiden

For six years, Kanagawa University has run the “KU Tohoku Volunteer Ekiden” project which facilitates continuous aid efforts to extend support to affected areas of The Great East Japan Earthquake.
A total of 18,484 students and faculty members have participated in the activities over the six years from the start of the project through the end of the 2016 academic year.