April 15, 2020

Measures Prohibiting Access to University Grounds and Implementation of Online Classes (Update 8 April)

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Measures Regarding COVID-19


Dear All New and Current Students,


In response to the Japanese Government’s announcement of a state of emergency along with continuous news of the increased spread of COVID-19, Kanagawa University has decided to prohibit access to the grounds of the university and hold all First Semester classes online.

Infection by the new coronavirus is possible even among our youth, with cases of severe infection also appearing in young people. Above all, first you all must protect yourselves and ensure your safety but at the same time in order to protect the precious lives of those around you, please be conscious of the mantras “Don’t get infected” and “Don’t infect others” and act responsibly.

The virus is said to be the greatest enemy, posing a threat to the superiority of the human race. In the long history of humankind, there have been repeated instances of large sacrifices made as a result of the invasion of viruses and yet it is because we have brought our wisdom together at these times to overcome the threat, and co-exist with it, that we are here today.

We ask all of your, our students, to stay safe, and take the online classes in your homes. Please continue to make the effort to fulfill your duty as students. Kanagawa University’s academic and administrative staff are working together, facing this crisis head on, and promise to do our best to open a path for the “future filled with hope” that awaits all of you.

Prof. Dr. Yoshio Kaneko


Kanagawa University

Dear Current Students and Parents

On 7 April, a state of emergency was issued and Kanagawa Prefecture requested voluntary restraint with regard to going outdoors. Kanagawa University is by definition a place where many of the “Three Cs” can be found and cannot be avoided. In order to remove all worries, it has been judged that running regular classes is difficult and therefore we have decided that all First Semester classes shall be held online.


We have therefore also prohibited entry onto the grounds of the university during the online class period ending with the conclusion of the First Semester on 1 August.


We will continue to look at the situation and take measures to allow all of our students to learn in a safe environment. This measure has been taken with the safety and health of our students as the utmost priority and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these difficult times.

Measures Prohibiting Access to University Grounds and Implementation of Online Classes

With the state of emergency declared, Kanagawa University has decided to prohibit access to university grounds until August 1.


In the meantime, office operations will be suspended.
All classes in First Semester are planned to be held online.
Any further measures will be announced on the website.


For any inquiries, please refer to the Contact Us page.