At the Faculty of Cross-Cultural and Japanese Studies, our educational goal is to foster individuals who acquire a broad view through an awareness of a variety of cultures from around the world, gain the ability to think about Japanese cultures from a wide and multifaceted perspective, have outstanding communication ability, can engage in cultural exchange, and can contribute to the inheritance and creation of culture, as well as to the development of a multicultural society. Through the education in each of our three departments, we aim to foster individuals who can flexibly respond to the state of an increasingly complex international society, and can mutually respect and live with those of different nationalities and races.

Department of Cross-Cultural Studies

Students will comprehensively acquire three skills: multicultural understanding, the ability to engage in cross-cultural exchange and the capability to functionally use a foreign language. Four courses are prepared from the second year onward, “Cross-Cultural Studies,” “Tourism Culture,” “Language and Media Studies” and “International Japan Studies.” Students will acquire a strong command of English while also studying a language selected from seven languages. In a practical study environment consisting of study abroad and field training, we will foster students who can contribute to mutual cross-cultural understanding and exchange, with a deep knowledge and insight into the world itself and Japan’s place in that world.

Department of Japanese Cultures

While deepening their knowledge of the structure and origin of Japanese language, students will raise their capability to functionally use Japanese through written expression and reading exercises. From traditional culture like classical literature, performing arts, tea ceremony and flower arrangement, to pop culture, religion, ideologies and even music, students will thoroughly investigate the charms of Japanese cultures through a variety of studies.
Further, we will make active use of field work where students can cultivate their senses by visiting museums and galleries, as well as theaters, and foster students who can contribute to a multicultural society with Japanese culture as their foundation.

Department of History and Folklore Studies

We aim to foster students who can give back to society, through systematically studying an overall history spanning from ancient to present Japan, as well as “folk customs” from Japan and each area of Asia, such as lifestyle, beliefs and rituals, and oral traditions. They will also acquire views and methods for “cultural creation” that utilizes those cultural resources in the promotion and development of local communities and the creation of regional culture. Class will be developed based on the proud traditions of the Kanagawa University Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture, with great importance placed on hands-on learning such as field work where students can come into direct contact with the lives of regional peoples and their legacies while understanding the cultures of Japan and regions surrounding it from an international viewpoint.