In addition to the curricula of faculties and graduate schools, Kanagawa University offers four extracurricular courses leading to qualification: Teacher Training Course, Social Education Course, Curator Course, and Japanese Teacher Training Course.

Teacher Training Course

Each faculty and department offers a teacher training course for earning the Lower Secondary School Teacher Class I Certificate and the Upper Secondary School Class I Certificate qualifications for teaching in junior and senior high schools, respectively. At the graduate level, students who have obtained the required credits, and who meet the qualifications for the above Class I Certificates, can earn Specialized Certificates in teaching for the above certifications.

Social Education Course

This course supports the acquisition of basic qualifications for social education directors, whose work involves the lifelong learning and sports activities of members of the community. The course fosters individuals who are needed by local governments to promote educational and sporting events, and by cultural and sports industries in the private sector.

Curator Course

At the university's Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture on the Yokohama Campus, this course offers training in the organization, investigation, storage, and restoration of collections of materials and artifacts, to develop curators at historical and folk culture museums that deal primarily with folk materials and written documents. At the Shonan Hiratsuka Campus, the course offers training in the practical techniques and procedures of managing and exhibiting animal and plant specimens, to develop curators for museums of natural history.

Japanese Teacher Training Course

Participants in this course focus on gaining knowledge concerning the meaning and grammar of the Japanese language, and also insight into pedagogical methods for conveying this knowledge to students who study Japanese as a foreign language. Toward the end of the course, participants receive practice in providing education at Japanese language institutions in Japan and/or abroad.