An Academia-Industry-Government Liaison Department has been established within the Research Support Division to support research activities, assist in procuring research funds from outside the university, and advancing liaison with partners in industry, government, and academia.
In order to enable the numerous research products (seeds) and intellectual property generated at the university to be applied widely to meet the needs of private industry, public authorities, and others, the university is actively pursuing a range of initiatives including participation in events for dissemination of knowledge, provision of support for joint research projects, and assistance in accepting research commissions and joint research projects.
In August 2007, the university established a venture firm, Mirai Kankyo Technology & Co., Ltd. This firm is working to develop more practical applications for the products generated through the university's liaison activities and to make a contribution to wider society.

Academia-Industry Liaison Activities:

Liaison with Industry through University-Corporate Comprehensive Partnership Agreements

Kanagawa University pursues a vigorous program of activities under partnership agreements with a number of companies. By applying its store of knowledge to address the technical needs of corporate partners, the university helps to invigorate regional economies. Academia-industry liaison will remain a top priority for the university as it seeks to discharge its responsibility to make a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates.

Partnerships with Government

Kanagawa Prefecture's University Policy Proposal System

In addition to its work with industry, Kanagawa University is pursuing further partnerships with governmental bodies. One example is a government-academia joint project adopted by Kanagawa Prefectural Government. In the 2015 academic year, our project on “development of education animation to start a wave of converting “haters of mathematics” from Kanagawa” was selected for support by the prefecture (implemented in 2016 and 2017). This project targets students who dislike mathematics or have distanced themselves from the sciences by producing an original animation that enables students to learn in a game-like setting as a new approach. The aim of this project is to arouse students’ interest in mathematics and science in order to nurture the next-generation of specialists.

Collaboration between Universities, Public Organizations and Private Enterprises in Kanagawa

Our university is a member of the Collaboration between Universities, Public Organizations and Private Enterprises in Kanagawa formed from the businesses, business groups, universities and public industrial cooperation support organizations in Kanagawa prefecture. As a member of this committee, we strive for the smooth promotion of industrial and academic partnerships and contribute to the regional community.

University Venture Business

Mirai Kankyo Technology & Co., Ltd.

Mirai Kankyo Technology is a venture business engaged in technology transfer to enterprises and commercialization of the “three-phase emulsification process,” a pioneering environmental technology developed by Distinguished Professor Kazuo Tajima (formerly a professor of the Faculty of Engineering).
The technology has a wide range of potential applications in fields including food, cosmetics, fuel, medicine, fragrances, antibacterial and antifungal agents, and paints.