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2022 Exchange Selection Guidelines

Application for Student Exchange

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How to Apply

Please receive the directions from the person in charge of exchange program at your home institution regarding the online application. (You will need the "Account Registration Code" that we will announce your home institution before the application period starts) .

Please confirm if you are eligible to participate in the exchange program with "Information chart on Application for exchange program and class registration".

Please apply online at the website.

applying to the website, we will announce you confirmation. We may ask you to modify the documents, so please do not post the original documents until we ask you to do.

After our instructions, please post the original documents through your home university, please do not post by yourself.

Please post the original documents by courier.

Scholarships aimed at exchange students (Yoneda Yoshimori Education Scholarship)

Kanagawa University provides scholarships aimed at exchange students from partner institutions.
Applications are submitted after students arrive in Japan.

It should also be noted that support will be provided in the case of students who are entitled to a JASSO Japan Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan). Information will be updated as confirmed. Contents may vary depending on the academic calendar each year.

Award amount ¥50,000/month
Number of recipients A small number
Award period For exchanges beginning in April:
  1. For short-term exchange students: April-July(4-month)
  2. For long-term exchange students: April-January(10-month)
For exchanges beginning in September:
  1. For short-term exchange students: October-January (4-month)
  2. For long-term exchange students: October-July (10-month)

Tuition and other fees

Tuition: Exchange students from partner institutions are exempted from paying tuition at Kanagawa University. Please confirm with the persons responsible at our partner institutions for details.

Living expenses will depend on each exchange student’s living style but for a guide to expenses please check the list.

Life Expenses

Currency is all JPY 1 Semester ( 4 Months ) 1 Year ( 10 Months )
Housing 200,000 JPY 500,000 JPY
Insurance Policies(Health insurance, “Gakkensai”,
Comprehensive Insurance for Student Life Coupled with “Gakkensai”,Fire Insurance and Damage Liability Insurance ,etc)
12,000 JPY 20,000 JPY
Basic food 150,000 JPY 300,000 JPY
sportation expenses (commuting to school ) 0 JPY~30,000 JPY 0 JPY~60,000 JPY
Others 100,000 JPY 200,000 JPY
Total Amount 500,000 JPY 950,000 JPY

Exchange Program FAQ

Q1 When will the list of “Classes conducted in English” for the new academic year be announced?

A The list will be announced in March of the previous academic year (which starts in April). For example, the list for the 2020 academic year has been announced in March 2020.

Q2 Please tell us the contents of the class(es) in the list of “Classes conducted in English”

Please send an inquiry by email to intl-application@kanagawa-u.ac.jp. In the email, please include the name of the class(es) about which you wish to know the details. We will send a PDF copy of the syllabus.

Q3 How can I look for information about classes conducted in Japanese?

It is possible to search the syllabus on the internet. Unfortunately, this search can only be conducted in Japanese at this stage.
The syllabus for a new academic year will be announced in March of the previous academic year. For example, the list for the 2020 academic year has been announced in March 2020.

Q4 Is it possible to calculate the ECTS for Kanagawa University course credits?

Calculation systems vary and it is up to the home university to decide how credit is apportioned so please follow the directions of your home university.

Q5 Please tell me about the Kanagawa University class system.

At Kanagawa University, classes each year are divided into First (Spring) Semester and Second (Autumn) Semester and each semester consists of 14 weeks of classes where one class period lasts for 100 minutes. 45 minutes of class time is calculated as 1 hour and 100 minutes× 14 classes is considered to be 30 contact hours. In principle, a one semester subject in a specialist field is worth 2 credits but subjects such as language subjects receive 1 credit.