This is a system that enables students to perform research on a specific topic at Kanagawa University under an academic advisor. The research period is half a year or one year. Currently, individuals and researchers from companies using this system are conducting research in a wide variety of fields.

Research students include undergraduate research students and postgraduate research students. In this case, undergraduate research students are those individuals who have graduated from university and hold a Bachelor's degree, while graduate research students are those individuals who have completed a graduate school Master's program (pre-doctoral program) and hold a Master's degree.

With regard to the procedure for becoming a research student at Kanagawa University, it is necessary to decide the desired academic advisor and obtain consent from that professor before submitting a research student application.

Referring to the "Researcher information" page, please check whether there is an academic advisor who corresponds to your study goals and research field (research content).

Download the Research Student application guidelines from one of the links below and check the conditions.
(updates for intake in the following year will be provided in early December each year)

If applying from overseas, please check the below pdf.