Course of Science

Previously, this graduate school consisted of three courses (Information Sciences, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences) offered in addition to the four departments and one program in Kanagawa University’s undergraduate Faculty of Science. Starting in the 2016 academic year, however, these have been reorganized into one course covering five fields (Field of Mathematics, Field of Physics, Field of Information Sciences, Field of Chemistry, and Field of Biological Sciences). Following this reorganization, the fundamental education principles have not changed significantly; the aim is not to pursue the latest trends but rather to acquire basic, universal knowledge applicable to a wide range of fields. In order to pursue research without being restricted to a specific field, both general and specialized courses are offered, and it is also possible to select courses specializing in other fields. Moreover, the faculty of this graduate school proactively drove applications for research programs run as part of MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities. The “Development of Technology and Research Center for Creating Green/Life Innovation Based on Application of Sunlight” was adopted in 2012, while the “Creation of High-Performance Materials through Fusion of Highly Ordered Inorganic Nanostructures and Precision-Structure Organic Polymers” was adopted in 2013. Both of these projects were jointly engaged in with the Graduate School of Engineering and demonstrate how this course offers students many opportunities to be involved in advanced, cutting-edge research that goes beyond the scope of their field and school.