Course of Human Sciences

The Graduate School of Human Sciences was launched to equip students with specialized knowledge and skills in the human sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, and sports health science. It trains students who study human life and the question of how people develop fulfilling lifestyles where they enjoy a high quality of life. The graduate school aims to educate students who can assist individuals and support society by applying deep and multifaceted insight into the human condition and society and the practical skills needed to resolve the diverse issues faced by society today. The school offers two research fields: Research Field of Human Sciences and Research Field of Clinical Psychology.
The Research Field of Human Sciences offers research and educational instruction in three areas to suit students' academic goals. The Study of Applied Experimental Psychology develops specialists who can design people-centered environments based on the key concepts of security and comfort. The Study of Sports Health Science trains individuals with expertise in sports promotion and advancement. The Study of Regional Sociology develops individuals knowledgeable in community design.
The Research Field of Clinical Psychology offers small classes and practical training and develops psychological clinicians, including clinical psychologists who can assist people with mental health issues.