The Graduate School of Foreign Languages offers courses in two core areas: European and American Languages and Cultures, and Chinese Language and Culture. In both courses, students improve their linguistic abilities and deepen their understanding of the nature of language through the study of linguistics, literature, and culture.
In addition, we offer common subjects across both courses in areas including Studies in Comparative Cultures and Studies in Japanese Language.

Course in European and American Languages and Cultures

This course is divided into five specializations: English Language Education and Linguistics, Anglophone Cultures and Literatures, Spanish and Latin American Studies, Comparative Linguistics and Cultures, and International Japan Studies. Classes can be chosen freely regardless of specialization. Extensive guidance is also offered for students aiming to become teachers.

Course of Chinese Language and Culture

This course has two specializations: Chinese Language, which focuses on the semantics, syntax, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics of modern Chinese; and Chinese History and Culture, which emphasizes early-modern and modern history, society, thought, literature, and folk culture.