Today’s diverse, complex society confronts many issues, including education, welfare for seniors, and the environment. In striving to resolve these issues, the Faculty of Human Sciences fosters individuals who have a true understanding of human nature, who adopt a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to human psychology and society, and who contribute to the creation of a society that improves the quality of the human environment and ensures a healthy, emotionally rich life for its members.

Department of Human Sciences

Because it’s difficult to gain a true understanding of human nature through the traditional approach of a single academic discipline, the department adopts an interdisciplinary approach. To nurture true understanding and penetrating insight into the diversity of human nature, this department focuses on the core fields of psychology and education, health science, and social science, offering comprehensive, interdisciplinary study in these fields. By helping students to acquire a multifaceted understanding of the human condition and society, the program fosters individuals who can nurture and support others, while offering practical solutions to society.
The curriculum is designed to help students autonomously pursue knowledge. Students can choose from among three different courses for systematic study according to their personal interests and inclinations, based on an understanding of lifespan development and a sensitivity to human welfare. They can also take classes outside their own courses in the pursuit of their individualized research themes and career goals. Through this highly flexible learning system, students are able to conduct wide-ranging, integrated investigations into the human mind, body, and society. Educational emphasis is also placed on practical application, with the active incorporation of experimentation, hands-on training, and fieldwork that cultivate in students the judgment and implementation skills necessary to respond effectively to various practical social problems.

Psychology Course

Through education centered on experimental psychology and clinical psychology, this course promotes both mental and physical self-understanding based on an understanding of life-span development, which is then linked to the understanding of other people and enhancement of interpersonal skills. The curriculum also includes experiments and practice-oriented classes with emphasis on psychological applications related to crime victims, accident and disaster victims, the elderly, and the disabled.

Sports and Health Course

This course provides comprehensive instruction on health maintenance and management from the perspective of sports and health science, based on the concepts of health improvement and lifespan development. Priority is given to developing an appreciation of the social structures in which sports are pursued and fostering superior physical and mental abilities through sports.

Human Society Course

This course focuses on human beings as social entities and investigates theories related to our increasingly diverse human society. Emphasis is placed on demonstrative learning by means of investigation and practical training, with the aim of fostering individuals with the practical ability and planning capacity to autonomously define problems and propose solutions.

Students who meet the predetermined requirements in the Faculty of Human Sciences can use them to obtain licensing as educators in the fields of health and physical education; or social studies, geography and history, or civics. They can also apply for certification as accredited psychologists, JATI-accredited training instructors, and social researchers.