The Faculty of Business Administration provides students with the education and knowledge of business administration they need to thrive in various business management cultures found throughout the world. The faculty's goal is to nurture problem-solving businesspeople who can express themselves and contribute to the development of the international community.
To this end, courses are organized systematically to allow students to make choices in light of their own career development objectives, while smallgroup seminar classes are operated across the entire four years of the degree program, providing students with space to reflect, present, and communicate with others.

Department of International Business and Management

Building on the foundation of business administration, this department offers a varied educational curriculum to help students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to act in an international context. The curriculum is based on the idea of students developing a vision for their future development, and then choosing their own courses in line with that vision. In concrete terms, the department runs a Career Shop system under which 15 different course clusters, known as " shops," are offered. Students pursue a structured course of study by selecting a combination of these shops in accordance with their own career plans.
Seminars and career-related courses are compulsory from the first year of the degree program as part of a system to provide students with solid support in developing their career plans. Long- and short-term internships both within and outside Japan make students exposed to experience-based learning opportunities which help them understand their aptitudes and refine their career plans.

The department also prepares students for active international engagement. In addition to intensive foreign language study, the Faculty of Business Administration has short-term study abroad (SA) programs of approximately one month to nine locations and universities overseas, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and China, and a one-year Business Study Abroad Programme (BSAP) to universities in Malaysia. The faculty is working to strengthen and expand these unique programs in order to advance its educational objective of cultivating individuals capabilities of taking active roles on the world stage.